Many busy parents out there are in need of baby-sitters to tend to their young children. Baby-sitting is a great service for tween and teenage girls, especially if you like playing with kids. We all like earning money from sitting, but you should think of it of a service, not a job. It’s likely you will earn a few dollars, but whenever you sit you shouldn’t expect to get a thick wad of cash.

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Healthy snack(s) #1; Apples, Grapes, Pretzels, & Cheese

Need a healthy snack?

All you need is this; Grapes, pretzels (I bought a cheesy kind; it has half the calories than potato chips), apples (I just bought apple slices), and cheese (or cheese squares, You’re going to cut them up anyway).

1.Before you start, cut the cheese into squares about the size of your thumb, and the apples into slices. Then count out 10 grapes, 5 apple slices, 5 cheese squares, and ten pretzels (I laid a paper towel down so it would be easier to count).

2. Next, get 3 snack bags and put the fruit in one bag, the pretzels in another, and the cheese in the last (the cheese is in a separate bag, because I thought it would make the pretzels soggy). After you’ve made how many snack bags you wanted, store them in the fridge (the apples will probably last for only 2-3 days).

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Healthier Muddy Buddies

These muddy buddies aren’t only delicious, but have a healthy secret. They may look like a treat but they’re low calorie and have high protein and fiber. All you have to do is follow this recipe and you’ll have yummy treat ready to eat!


*1 box Fiber One Cereal Squares

*1-1 1/2 cups powdered sugar

*1/2 cup peanut butter (I used the organic kind)

(Add half a cup of mini chocolate chips if you want an extra treat)

(You’ll especially want to wash your hands before you start this recipe, your hands will get dirty!)

1. Put the cereal in a large bowl. Then, add the peanut butter. Mix (I found it easier to mix it with my hands. Its takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get it totally mixed).


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